Simple "Not Gate" Scheme

Logic "Not Gate" or Digital Inverter is circuit which inverts the input.
If the input signal is true (1 or high) the output is false (0 or low). If the input is false (0 or low) the output is true (1 or high).
Not gate has a vast number of applications.

In my implementation I use TIP122 NPN transistor and 10Ω resistor but they can be replaced with other appropriate parts.

First I saw the Not Gate here: Logic "NOT" Gates where you can find a lot of information about different types of logic gates and specifically inverters. There I saw the following diagram:

not gate diagram

With KTechLab I made this circuit diagram:

not gate circuit diagram

With Fritzing I made this scheme:

not gate scheme

And finally my implementation of the Not gate:

digital inverter implementation

Hope this is usefull.


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