Relation Between Milk Consumption and Hip Fractures

Most people believe if they consume more milk it is less probable to have a fracture, because their bones are stronger.

But there is a theory which says: When you consume milk, acidity in your body rise. To decrease this acidity your organism extracts calcium from the bones and they get less dense.

I've made a little research - what is statistics about milk consumption per country and what is the hip fractures rate in the same countries. Here is the result:

In the northern countries probability one to break her/his hip is higher because of the cold weather there.

Rank Country Milk consumption per capita (kg) Hip Fracture
First 20 by milk consumption    
1  Finland 361.19   Medium
2  Sweden 355.86   High
3  Netherlands 320.15   Medium
4  Switzerland 315.78   High
5  Greece 314.69   Medium
7  Lithuania 303   Medium
8  Denmark 295.62   High
10  Romania 266.19   Medium
13  Norway 261.52   High
14  France 260.48   Medium
15  Italy 256.1   Medium
16  United States 253.8   Medium
17  Germany 247.24   High
18  Ireland 247.17   High
20  United Kingdom 241.47   Medium
Last 20 by milk consumption    
80  Lebanon 106.91   Medium
81  Kuwait 106.67   Medium
82  Tunisia 106   Low
84  New Zealand 103.79   Medium
87  Saudi Arabia 97.23   Low
89  Chile 93   Low
90  Ecuador 91.5   Low
92  Jordan 88.1   Medium
93  Venezuela 87.29   Low
99  Morocco 79.1   Low

International Osteoporosis Foundation
List of countries by milk consumption per capita


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