Planetary System Formation 2

N-body simulation


Arithmetic precision: 64 bits
Number of objects: 400
Number of objects at the end: 10
Number of cycles: 17 780 000
Seconds per cycle: 5
Simulation time: ~ 2.8 years
Objects are placed in a rectangle with diagonal: 4.2384e+11 m
For comparison - Neptune (Solar system) semi-major axis: 4.503443661e+12 m
Lightest object mass: 1.0224e+22 kg
Initial heaviest object mass: 2.1469e+24 kg
Initial average object's mass: 6.0661e+23 kg
Heaviest object mass at the end: 2.3249e+26 kg ~ 96% of total
Total mass of all objects: 2.4264e+26 kg
For comparison - Earth's mass: 5.9736e+24 kg
For comparison - Jupiter's mass: 1.8986e+27 kg
Total mass of the 8 Solar system planets: 2.66731443e+27 kg
Min object's radius: 1.5964e+6 m ~ 1596 km
Initial max object's radius: 9.4883e+6 m ~ 9488 km
Average object's radius: 4.8424e+6 m ~ 4842 km
Heaviest object radius at the end: 4.5226e+7 m = 45 226 km
For comparison - Earth's mean radius: 6.371e+6 m = 6371 km
For comparison - Jupiter's mean radius: 6.9911e+7 m = 69 911 km
Objects density: 600 kg/m3 = 0.6 g/cm3
For comparison - Earth's mean density 5515 kg/m3 = 5.515 g/cm3
For comparison - Jupiter's mean density 1326 kg/m3 = 1.326 g/cm3
Initial min object's speed: 241.02 m/s ~ 868 km/h
Initial max object's speed: 4075.8 m/s ~ 14 673 km/h
Average object's speed: 2323 m/s ~ 8363 km/h
For comparison - Moon average orbital speed: 1022 m/s ~ 3679 km/h
For comparison - Earth average orbital speed: 29 780 m/s ~ 107 208 km/h
For comparison - Jupiter average orbital speed: 13 070 m/s ~ 47 052 km/h
Interacting law: Newton's law of gravity

Data from NASA and Wikipedia.

You can send me your ideas for further simulations at: aa

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